1. Mission Statement:

To teach and share self-empowerment tools and practices to help individuals constructively resolve conflicts in their personal and professional relationships, at workplace and within their communities, in order to help bring about a more peaceful, compassionate, and harmonious society.

2. Vision: How Will Our Institute Accomplish This Mission?

We will offer individual and group training to those who seek to gain self-empowerment and attain inner peace and authenticity, so that they may share their philosophy and approach within their families, friends, colleagues and communities.

We will regularly publish blog and newsletters with updated techniques and practices to help all interested individuals achieve their highest potential of reaching a joyful, fulfilling and harmonious life.

We will work with organizations and corporations to train employees on personal empowerment and constructive conflict resolution.

We will work to foster individual authenticity by collaborating with other organizations in the areas of women’s empowerment, conflict resolution and addiction recovery to connect with each other and achieve full potential of inner peace and harmony among each other.
We will collaborate with other associations, institutes to utilize the effective and transformative personal transformation techniques and practices and make them available to all income groups.

We will continue to conduct our own research and study to further develop our own techniques and strive for the most effective personal transformation method for mental and emotional clarity, balance and fulfillment.

We plan that our institute will encompass at least the following main initiatives in support of our mission (with more to be added as the opportunities arise):
· Conflict Resolution Techniques for Couples
· Women’s Empowerment
· Addiction Recovery
· Mindful and Aware Leadership Development
· Creation of Personal Development Tools (App and Web-based)
· Public Programs to Enhance Personal Transformation Journey

3. Core Values of Our Institute
Service for Others
Inner Peace within Thoughts and Emotions
Harmonious Flow
Freedom of Expression

Trust in People, Trust in Life