Institute for Inner Peace and Harmony is a non-profit grassroots organization that promotes programs that foster unique individual self-realization journey towards joy and fulfillment, cultivating everyone's full potential to achieve peace and harmony on earth.


Our purpose is to teach and share personal empowerment tools and practices to help individuals constructively resolve conflicts in their relationships, in corporations, and in their communities, in order to help bring about a more peaceful, just, and whole society.


We will continuously offer workshops, speaking engagements and classes, in collaboration with other organizations, corporations and associations, to foster individual empowerment and authenticity in the areas of women’s empowerment, conflict resolution for couples and communities, productivity and efficiency at workplace, conscious parenting and addiction recovery.
We will collaborate with other organizations, corporations and associations to conduct further research and study to strive for the most effective personal transformation method for mental and emotional clarity, balance and fulfillment and these transformative personal transformation techniques and practices available to all income groups.


Our initiatives are designed to provide self-empowerment tools and techniques to guide individuals through their unique personal growth journeys toward joy, fulfillment and inner peace by constructively resolving conflicts in their personal and professional relationships.


Explore the system of life through a step-by-step investigation to achieve joy, fulfillment and inner peace.

Online Energetic Meditations

Experience the powerful energetic meditations along with mindfulness techniques that you can use to improve every aspect of your life.

For Women

Create a true equality between men and women in pay, professional opportunities, respect and recognition, without relying on external circumstances or others to change.

For Workplace

Achieve your full potential in your career by reducing stress and anxiety, calming the mind, improving communication, increasing productivity and sharpening focus.

For Parents

Form deeper connections between parents and their children, and create greater joy and harmony in the family through effective conscious parenting techniques.

For Students

Learn effective energy based meditation and awareness techniques to successfully manage the performance pressure from parents, teachers, peers and society.

Get Involved


Contribute to our research and development of transformative tools and techniques.


Organize a workshop within your community or host a fundraising event.


Share your talent and skill-set to help us further our efforts to transform the world.


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